Dying Of Laughter

| Learning | May 25, 2017

(It’s in the late ’70s. I’m in high school. The principal is a really strict man, always in shirt, tie, and jacket. He has a really firm voice and is very direct in everything he says. But, apparently, he has a funny side not many of the students know about. He makes general announcements on the PA system from time to time. Generally, they are serious and straight-forward. This one, however, takes place after the New Year’s break.)

Announcement: “Attention, students:

It has been given to my attention that some students are dying under the workload given. So, starting today, every dying student must fill out a new form available from the administration’s office, in three copies, where he has to describe the cause of death. Once completed, he has to give one copy to the administration’s office, one to his parents, and the last one is to be lost somewhere on [School Counselor]’s junk-filled desk. Please be advised that if a dying student fails to fill the forms, he will be put in detention for as long as the forms are not properly filled. Thank you; have a nice day.”

(My older sister (12 years older) had him as a teacher, before he became principal, and said that he was a real joker. He had to straighten up his act for the principal’s job, but apparently, some things are hard to let go.)

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