Dying (Alone) To Get Some Bus Times

| Friendly | July 10, 2016

(I’m a woman sitting alone at a bus stop, re-downloading apps on my phone and waiting for the next bus. I’m not paying attention to the time at all because it’s my day off and I had to spend it getting my phone fixed, then exchanged for a new one when the repairs lasted 40 minutes.)

Random Guy: “Hey, do you have the time?”

Me: without looking up* “It’s about ten to four.

Random Guy: “When’s the next bus?”

Me: “I’m not sure; I don’t normally ride this route. There might be a schedule on the other bench?”

Random Guy: *starting to sound annoyed* “How long have you been here?”

Me: “I don’t know, I haven’t been paying attention.”

(At this point, Random Guy flips out, calling me the b-word, the c-word, and several other insults.)

Random Guy: “I was just trying to be nice! This is why you don’t have any friends! You know how long you’ve been here! YOU KNOW HOW LONG! This is why you’re here alone! You’re going to die alone!”

(Thank god more people began showing up right around then. He retreated to the other bench, but made sure to tell everyone who showed up what a b**** I was and not to go near me. Yikes, dude. Get a hobby.)

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