Dyeing To Find Out The Policy

, , , | Learning | June 20, 2018

(It is a few weeks from the end of the school year. Some classmates and I are in a study class with students from a few years below, as both of our scheduled teachers are out sick. Everyone is quietly studying. I am normally very shy and quiet, but I really dislike the teacher overseeing us, as she is a bully. She suddenly turns on a younger student.)

Teacher: “[Student #1], detention!”

Student #1: “Huh? What? What did I do?”

Teacher: “Dyed hair is against the school uniform policy.” *the student has dyed her hair bright red*

Student #1: “Oh, I didn’t know. Can we not dye our hair?”

Teacher: “Did I stutter? I said it’s against the uniform policy”.

Student #1: “But it’s been this colour all year.”

Teacher: “That’s two detentions now, and more if you keep talking back to me!”

Me: “Excuse me, miss, but where in the policy does it say that dyed hair is against the rules? And what are the limitations of it? Because [Student #2] and [Student #3] both have dyed blonde hair, and [Student #4] has highlights.”

Teacher: “Do you want detention, as well?”

Me: “I guess I deserve it, because–” *pointing at head* “–my hair is the same colour as [Student #1]’s. I’ve never had detention for dying it, though.”

Teacher: “Urgh, fine!” *turning to [Student #1]* “Don’t think you’re off the hook. You still have detention, because all those disgusting piercings in your face are against the uniform policy.”

Me: *reading uniform policy* “Miss, is there an extended uniform policy somewhere? Because in our student handbook it just says, ‘Students must wear the uniform,’ and nothing else.”

Teacher: “[My Name], you are really trying my patience today.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be troublemaker but–” *pointing at face* “–I have more piercings than [Student #1], and I’ve never had detention for those, either. I’m not the only one with piercings, either. I don’t think it’s fair to discipline one student for something and not another. It almost seems you’re picking on [Student #1].”

Teacher: *shouting* “[My Name]! Principal’s office, NOW!”

(I went to the office and explained the situation to the principal. Our school is quite liberal, and they had purposely left the uniform policy vague so that we could still express ourselves. Apparently, [Student #1] was being bullied and made a complaint to the school. One of the bullies was the child of the teacher in question. The principal was very interested to hear how the teacher was acted and promised he would look after it. [Student #1] later thanked me for standing up for her. We ended up becoming good friends!)

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