Dyeing To Ask Something

| Working | August 12, 2013

(I have had a severe allergic reaction to something, and have been admitted to ECU with a hugely swollen face. I also have bright blue and purple hair.)

Nurse #1: “Hi there, just coming to check on you today; how are you feeling?”

(As soon as she leaves, another nurse comes in.)

Nurse #2: “Hi, I’ve just popped in to check you’re okay.”

(She leaves, and not two minutes later, another one pulls the curtain back.)

Nurse #3: “Hello, I’m just checking to see if you’re okay?”

(By this stage, I’m getting a little worried about how often I’m been checked on. Yet ANOTHER nurse walks in.)

Nurse #4: “Hi, I’m just—”

(My doctor walks in with my chart and sighs.)

Doctor: “Oh, for God’s sake, will one of you just ask where she gets her hair done? She needs rest!”

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