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Dungeons And Dragons And Family

| Related | September 21, 2015

(I’m at university in a different party of the country as my family. As such we tend to only talk by text, and rarely call one another unless it’s urgent. I’m currently running a D&D game, and am in the middle of explaining a fairly important scenario to my players when my sister calls me. As I’m busy, and responding will stall the game for everyone I dismiss it and text back.)

Me: *texting* “Currently busy running a game. What is it? I’ll call back later unless it’s urgent.”

Me: *to players* “Sorry that was my sister. I’ve texted her, so unless it’s urgent we should be able to continue. Anyway, so this half dragon is challenging you guys to a fight, what do you want to—”

(My phone rings again, this time from my dad, which immediately sets off alarm bells as I’d otherwise expected just a text response from my sister.)

Me: “Now someone else in my families calling me. It’s my dad. It’s probably something important.”

Friend #1: “You’d better answer it, if two are trying to get hold of you.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, we can wait.”

(I mutter an apology and leave the room, answering my phone. I return and sit down with a sigh.)

Me: “They needed the Netflix password.”