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Dumbed If You Do, Dumbed If You Don’t

, , , , | Learning | March 27, 2013

(I am doing my teaching placement in a primary school classroom. A student’s mother comes in to drop her son off for the morning. The teacher notices her hovering around the kids’ reading boxes.)

Teacher: “Oh, are you looking for some books for [Son]?”

Parent: “Why is my son only in Blue Group? Green Group is the highest! He’s smart!”

Teacher: “Yes, [Son] is a very good reader, but the books in this box are more on his level in terms of reading comprehension. He’s doing very well in this group.”

Parent: “This is ridiculous. You are not giving him enough credit! I want him switched!”

(She continues to rant about this until the teacher finally gives her a book from the harder box. Next Monday, she returns to speak with the teacher.)

Parent: “Why did you give [Son] this book? He couldn’t even read it! You’re trying to make him feel dumb!”

Teacher: *to me, jokingly* “You sure you still want to be a teacher?”

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