Dumb As A Pile Of Rocks

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(My father has taken us to a remote mountainous area to show where his forebears lived. It’s starting to get late and we decide to head home, but it’s obvious that Dad has gotten lost and we are driving around the mountain tracks. I am about ten-years-old and have recently joined the Girl Guides.)

Dad: “All this is just looking the same. It has to be this way.” *takes turn*

Me: “Dad, can you stop for a minute? I want to try something.”

Dad: “Oh, for God’s sake.” *stops the car* “Do what you want, but it’s not going to help.”

(I get out and pile up a small cairn of rocks by the side of the car.)

Me: “Okay, we can go now.”

Dad: “Waste of time that was.” *We drive for another ten minutes.* “Finally, here’s the turn off we have to take.”

Me: “No, it’s not the turn off, keep going straight.”

Dad: “So, what makes you the expert in driving?”

Me: “That’s my pile of rocks there.”

Dad: “What? ” *looks at the pile* “Are you sure?”

Mum: “Yes, she’s sure, just go straight.”

(We had been literally driving in circles around the top of a mountain for almost an hour, the turn off we needed was a few hundred metres down the track.)

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