Dude, Your Bunny Has Scales!

, , , , | Right | October 22, 2018

(It is my first day at an exotic pet store. I was supposed to work the register but because it is a small shop I greet customers. It is a slow day and I am about to go on lunch when a customer reeking of weed comes in. He has been wandering around for a few minutes when he asks me this:)

Customer: “How much is that rabbit by the door?”

Me: *pulling out the price book* “Which one? Different breeds have different costs.”

Customer: *pointing* “No, the one by the front door.”

Me: “Sir, that’s a chameleon used for our breeding program. It’s not for sale.”

Customer: “So I can’t buy it?”

Me: “Well, that’s what ‘not for sale’ means.”

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