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Drywall Me A Misogynist

| Working | May 14, 2012

(I have a friend who is really good with her hands and likes to build stuff. I’m completely useless with tools, and I have absolutely no idea how to go about building things. So, when I needed to build a drywall patch, I called her. Note: I am male.)

Employee: *ignoring my friend* “Hey there, sir, what’re you looking for today?”

Me: *points to my friend* “Oh, she’s the one who knows what we need.”

Employee: “But…she’s a girl.”

Me: “I have no idea what I need for the project. She’s showing me how it’s done.”

Employee: *smugly, to my friend* “Okay, little lady. What do you think you need?”

My Friend: “Fiberglass drywall tape, quick-dry drywall mud, trowel, sandpaper…” *to me* “…do you have the paint chip of your wall color? We’ll only need about a quart of that mixed.”

Employee: *surprised* “You actually know how to patch drywall?!”

My Friend: “It’s just a small hole. And it’s not like we have to bead the corners or anything.”

Employee: “But…you’re a girl!”

My Friend: “And you’re a moron. Which aisle, please?”

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