Dry Cleaning Is Not His Strong Suit

, , , | Right | September 3, 2019

(I work in a men’s clothing store, and we offer tailoring services for our customers that need them. There are also several more stores of the same franchise in our city. One day, this guy walks in and looks kind of confused.)

Customer: “Hi, uh, I’m here to pick up my suit jacket?”

Me: “All right. I’ll go check the rack with tailoring jobs and get right back to you.”

(I walk in the back and see that we have no clothes for due for tailoring or ready for pick-up.)

Me: “I’m sorry; it seems we have no jackets ready for pick-up at the moment. Are you sure it was due today?”

Customer: “I’m not sure. I delivered it sometime before Christmas.”

(It is now February.)

Me: “I’m sure we would have noticed if we’d received a jacket from our tailor and it hadn’t been picked up within a few weeks. Are you sure you left it here, and not with [other stores in our city]?”

Customer: “I’m not sure. I can’t really remember, to be honest. Can you check again?”

Me: “I assure you that we have no clothing in the back that has returned from the tailor at the moment. I can, however, contact the other stores to see if any of them have it.”

Customer: “Nah, that’s fine. I got some time to kill today, anyway; I’ll stop by the other shops to check with them.”

Me: “Very well. Feel free to contact us again if you can’t track down your jacket.”

(Some days went by, and I got a call from one of the other stores, which was located in a mall, and they told me how they had the same customer stop by the shop. He had checked with all the other shops in the city, and no one had his jacket. During the conversation, the manager of a dry-cleaner located at the same mall stopped by and noticed the customer, and asked him if he was ever going to pick up his jacket from dry-cleaning.)

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