Drugged Up By Honesty

| Working | February 20, 2013

(I place a bottle of lactase enzyme on the counter.)

Me: “Hi, I just need this, please.”

Employee: “Sorry, we don’t have that.”

Me: “Uh, what?”

Employee: “We don’t have that in stock at the moment. I could order it for you, though. We’ll probably have it by next week.”

Me: “Actually, I got that from the fridge just now. I just want to pay for it.”

Employee: “Oh!” *laughs* “I’m so sorry! I thought it was an old one you’d brought with you to show me what you needed. That’ll be [price].”

Me: *grins* “One of those days, huh?”

Employee: “Oh, you bet. I’m just glad you’re honest. You could have walked out of here with that bottle and I would never have suspected a thing!”

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