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Drowning In Your Ice Cold Telepathy

| Romantic | December 8, 2014

(My husband and I have just spent a long, summer day out running around, tending to errands. His car at the time has no air-conditioning, so we have the windows rolled down. I’m leaning my head against the window sill trying to cool down on the way home.)

Husband: “I think we are about ten minutes away now. I’m exhausted.”

Me: “Me, too. I just want to lay in the A/C.”

(Between that exchange and our arrival home, I daydream of a large glass of icy water briefly, but never say anything. When we pull into the driveway:)

Husband: “Okay, sweetheart, we’re home. Let’s get you inside and get you that giant glass of water!”

Me: *stunned* “How did you know I wanted a giant glass of water?”

Husband: “You told me so!”

Me: “I… never said anything. I thought about it hard, but I never said it!”

Husband: “Well, quit thinking so loud! That was all I heard about on the way back!”

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