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Drowning In Bad Customers

, , | Right | August 21, 2017

(The weekend leading up to July 4th is always interesting. We sell farm supplies, but since we’re the only game in town open on the holiday weekend, we get a lot of unrelated requests from campers, boaters, or people leaving on vacation that planned poorly and didn’t get what they needed ahead of time from a sporting goods retailer. The requests don’t bother me as much as the rude responses. Today I approached a couple on our sales floor and had this exchange:)

Me: “Hello, folks. How are you today?”

Customer: “Yeah, where did you guys hide your life jackets?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t carry life jackets.”

Customer: “Wait, what? You don’t carry…” *puts his hand over his face in exasperation and sighs deeply through it* “You. Don’t. Carry. Lifejackets?”

Me: *a bit apprehensively* “No, I’m sorry, we don’t carry boating supplies.”

Customer: *turns to wife* “What are we gonna do now? Seriously, what the f*** are we going to do?” *she doesn’t respond and they both turn to glare at me*

Me: “Might I suggest [Boat Dealer four miles from here]? I think they’re open today.”

Customer: *yelling* “Well, that doesn’t do me a whole lotta f****** good standing here, now does it? We’re not headed in that direction! We’ve got friends coming over in two hours to watch fireworks on the boat. This is going to ruin the whole evening! Just how is it you people—” *he spat out “you people” with a look someone getting a surprise mouthful of dog s*** might wear* “—get away with not having what the customer needs?”

Me: “Maybe because we’ve never heard of a farmer falling off his tractor and drowning in the dirt?”

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