Dropping Some Diaper Bombs

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When my nephew was in diapers he was very prone to diaper rash. He also was sensitive to ingredients found in most brands of diaper creams. There was one brand — that had very few ingredients beyond zinc and petroleum jelly and had an amusing name — my sister could use on him that actually helped, instead of making the rash worse.

Unfortunately, their family had to move to Germany for a while because of my brother-in-law’s career and that cream wasn’t available there. So, they got regular care packages with that cream in them.

I was complaining to a friend that frequently, just one of the several tubes I sent her would be missing when she got the package. And I was pretty sure that someone in customs was stealing a tube every so often, probably because of the funny name.

My friend said, “No! That can’t happen. They must be taking it because it’s illegal in Europe. I think it’s used to make meth and explosives!”

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