Dropping Phones, Signals, And IQs

Related | June 3, 2013

(My sister and I live in the same city, away from our parents. While I am already working, she is still studying. I am at work, when my mother calls me.)

Mom: “Hey, listen, that silly sister of yours has lost her phone!”

Me: “She did what?!”

Mom: “Yeah, but I’ve just finished talking to a man who found it! So could you call her to let her know she can get it back at [address]?”

Me: “Um, mom, she’s lost her phone.”

Mom: “Right! So call her to tell her to get it back at [address], because she doesn’t answer when I call.”

Me: “She doesn’t answer the phone which she’s lost?”

Mom: “Oh, right, right… I should just text her.”

Me: “Mom…”

Mom: “Oh, my God. No wonder you guys aren’t the brightest with a mother like that.”

Me: “MOM!”

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