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Dropped The Ball On That One

| Learning | May 5, 2014

(On this particular day, the teacher announces for the next week we’ll be playing volleyball. It should be noted that while I’m in good shape, I’m not good at most sports.)

Me: *bouncing excitedly* “Ooh! Ooh! Volleyball! I love volleyball!”

Classmate #1: “I’m sure you do, honey, but you’re not very good with sports.”

Me: *excitedly* “But I’m good at this one! Ask my family!”

Friend: *nodding* “Yeah, she’s better than me and I’m pretty d*** good!”

Classmate #2: “I’m sure they’ll say you’re good but that’s what family is supposed to do.” *scowls at my friend* “You shouldn’t lie about your friend like that. It’s very mean.”

(I open my mouth to argue but my friend shakes her head.)

Friend: “Just let them find out.”

(We divide into four teams and, as usual, I’m picked last making me the last to serve on my team. Any time the ball starts to come my way, one of my teammates leaps to intercept it, thinking I’ll miss. When it comes time for me to serve, my teammates all sigh.)

Classmate #1: “Here we go, girls. It’s going to be the other team’s ball here again in a minute.”

(I serve the ball and the other team, who apparently didn’t think the ball would even make it over the net, misses the return and it hits the ground with a loud boom. My teammates and the opposing team all stare at me with wide eyes.)

Classmate #3: “Holy s***! This girl’s got some power in her hand! Talk about some OOMPH!”

(My classmates never again leapt in my way during volleyball.)

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