Dropped Class So They Could Come To Class

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(It is well into my second year at university when I get a text from a friend from high school who goes to a college nearby. My friend is taking one course per semester at this college but always seems stressed.)

Friend: “Hey, wanna meet up?”

Me: “I have tutorial but maybe on the weekend?”

Friend: “Oh, I don’t mind coming to your tutorial.”

Me: “There’s, like, 25 of us in the tutorial. The TA will know you don’t belong there.”

Friend: “I don’t mind.”

(I end up talking her out of that but she is constantly texting me to meet up with her or she wants to sit in on my classes. It wouldn’t be a problem if there were 400 kids but my major is an honours program so, year-by-year, hundreds of students are cut. So far there are around 200 kids in the class and it’s a full year course so the professor generally knows us. Eventually, I get sick of her inviting herself to my classes.)

Me: “Don’t you have class?”

Friend: “Oh, I dropped out because I needed to catch up on sleep, but now I’m bored!”

Me: “You can get always get a job. I can help you make a résumé.”

Friend: “Girl, I dropped out because there was too much work and I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m not gonna get a job!”

(I don’t mind people taking care of their mental health but if you do so, maybe go see a therapist, not sit in on classes you didn’t/couldn’t actually take or handle.)

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