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Drop The Penny, Not The Baby

| Friendly | February 28, 2015

(We’re at a get together with a group of friends, all couples. One couple has just had their first baby, and are the first couple in this group to have a child. One of the guys, who doesn’t yet have kids, has an observation about the new baby.)

Friend: “He looks like me!”

(Everyone is somewhat taken aback at a guy who isn’t the dad claiming likeness to the baby, and processing the potential implication of it. We don’t take it seriously, just stare at the guy, and then begin to laugh.)

Friend: “What?”

Baby’s Dad: “I don’t think he realizes what he just said.”

Friend: “What?”

Baby’s Mother: “You have a very gracious wife.”

Friend: “What?” *to his wife* “What’s wrong with what I said?”

Friend’s Wife: *amused* “I’ll let you think about that a bit longer.”

(After several minutes, he figured it out and got rather quiet.)

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