Drop The Dead Donkey

| IL, USA | Learning | September 18, 2015

(My dad grew up on a farm and went to a high school in a very small farming community in the late 1970s. His history teacher is showing slides of the gold rush in class when he comes to a slide of a miner and his mule.)

Teacher: “And here’s a miner and his donkey in California during the gold rush…”

Dad: “Actually, that’s a mule.”

Teacher: “Don’t be rude. Everyone knows mules aren’t real.”

Dad: “…Are you serious? Of course they are. When a female horse and male donkey breed, you get a mule.”

Fellow Student: “Yeah, we have a mule on our farm.”

Teacher: *smugly* “So what did Jesus ride on, then?!”

Dad: *…A donkey. Donkeys and mules aren’t the same.”

Teacher: “Enough! Mules aren’t real.”

(My dad gave up, despite several fellow students backing him up.)

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