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Drop The Coffee And Drop The Act

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2021

Every weekday, I take the train to work, arrive early, and grab a coffee. It’s become a bit of a ritual: same seat, same time, same coffee. I watch the same people do their own little same routines.

One of the people I see is “bossy business lady”. She always looks angry, always wears smart business clothes, and never holds the door open.

She is early and is already at the coffee shop counter when I get there.

Bossy Business Lady: “The coffee yesterday was awful. I have the same thing every day. I’m sure you used milk instead of almond.”

Cashier: “I am very sorry, miss. Do you have your receipt?”

Bossy Business Lady: “No, of course, I don’t! Who keeps a receipt for a coffee? You should be glad that I am not calling my lawyer; I could be allergic!”

Cashier: “I could ask my boss. He might let me make you a free one?”

Bossy Business Lady: “Well, yes, that is obviously what I want you to do.”

Me: “This was yesterday morning?”

Bossy Business Lady: “What? Do you mind?”

Me: “But it was yesterday morning, right?”

Bossy Business Lady: “Yes, but I don’t see what that has got to do with anything.”

Me: “It’s just I saw you leave here and drop your coffee.”

Bossy Business Lady: *Blustering* “Well I, err… I don’t think—”

Me: “I remember it exactly because you just left it. You didn’t even pick up the cup.”

By this point, the manager appears from the back.

Manager: “Is there a problem here?”

Bossy Business Lady looks at me, then the cashier, the manager, and then me again. She screeches something horrible and storms out of the shop.

Manager: “What was that all about?”

Me: “That was someone who doesn’t think their actions should have consequences.”

He gave me a confused look and I ordered my normal coffee at my normal table. I didn’t see Bossy Business Lady there again.

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