Droll Gender Roles

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Growing up, I had very long hair; however, I started cutting it short with shaved sides a few years ago. I’m having dinner with my dad and uncle one day when my uncle feels the need to comment on it. My uncle’s hair is buzzed short to about a quarter of an inch.

Uncle: “So, why did you cut your hair so short? It looks better long.”

Me: “Why did you cut your hair so short?”

Uncle: “It’s cooler and easy to maintain.”

Me: “I cut it short because it’s cooler and easier to maintain.”

Uncle: “Oh.”

I can’t help but notice that these sorts of comments only come from the older men around me. All the women and younger men who have seen my new style always say how much it suits me and that they can’t even picture me with long hair anymore. How droll.

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