Driving You Out Of The Store

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(I want a particular item from a flatpack furniture store. The colour I want is being discontinued, and is not available for online order, though their customer service assures me I can just go into my closest store and arrange for delivery that way. We gather the other furniture we’re buying, and then look for the chest of drawers. We’re able to find the other available colours, but not the one we want, despite the app telling us they have plenty in stock at this location. We go to the furniture desk to speak to a clerk. He apologises and tells us that this item, due to being discontinued, is held in their secondary warehouse. He tears a map off a pad and hands it over.)

Me: “Oh, but I want them delivered.”

Clerk: “As they’re in the secondary warehouse, they can’t be delivered.”

Me: “Oh, okay, but customer service told me I could order them in-store for delivery.”

Clerk: “Sorry, but that’s not possible.”

Me: “I don’t drive. I don’t have a car. I’m unable to go get them myself.”

Clerk: “We have vans to rent, if that makes it easier.”

Me: “I don’t drive; I don’t have a license.” *lifts my cane* “And I’m disabled; I couldn’t load and unload them without assistance, which is why we need them delivered.”

Clerk: “Sorry, but we can’t deliver them. You can go pick them up yourself.”

Me: *shows conversation with customer service on my phone*

(The conversation continues to go in circles, with the clerk seeming to not understand that I don’t drive, can’t drive, don’t have a car, etc.) 

Me: *finally getting a bit upset* “But you’re [Flatpack Store]. I don’t understand why this isn’t something you can organise?”

Clerk: *shrug*

Me: *hating myself* “Can I speak to a manager, please?”

Clerk: “He’ll tell you the same thing.” *calls over radio*

Manager: *appears like a scruffy angel* “Oh, no problem, you just do this—” *taps like three keys* “—and it goes through as [particular order type] and delivery is arranged by the front desk.”

(I thanked the manager and apologised to the original clerk for any trouble I might have caused. And the furniture looks wonderful now that it’s been built, so this is one NAW with a happy ending.)

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