Driving You Away

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(A church associate has decided for me that she will be driving me to and from an event at another church. It’s a terrifying two-hour drive there as I find out that she’s a terrible driver; the way back is not much better. We are approaching an exit from the motorway that is just five minutes from my house. I do not realise just how inflexible she is until that moment.)

Me: “If you take the next turn to the left, I can give you the directions to my house.”

Associate: “No, I can’t do that. I only know one way to your house and have to use that. If I go this way, I won’t know how to get back to my place.”

Me: “But you would go the same way you always go home from my house; it’s only five minutes to my house from here.”

Associate: *getting upset* “No, no, no! I would be so confused. I have to go the only way I know.”

(She drives past the exit, and I wonder if she’s going to take the next exit, but she also speeds past it. Twenty minutes later, we pull up at her house.)

Associate: “Now I can take you home; I only know the way to your house from my house.”

(Twenty-five minutes later, I was so glad to finally get myself out of that car.)

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