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Driving Themselves Out Of The Store

, , , , | Right | October 5, 2017

(I’m the manager at a popular clothing store, and the only one working the register, as it is a very slow day. An elderly lady in a motorized wheelchair comes up to the counter and puts her items down on a section where there are no registers.)

Me: “Hi there! Are you ready to go?”

Customer: *fumbling around in her purse, not really paying attention*

Me: “If you’re ready, I’ll take you on this side here!” *picks up her items and puts them beside my register*

Customer: *still fumbling* “It’ll be much easier if you come to me.”

Me: *a bit confused because she is in a motorized wheelchair and it shouldn’t take more effort for her to drive the extremely short distance to where I am* “Oh, okay. How will you be paying? If it’s by cash, I can process the transaction over here with no problem, and hand you back your change; however, if it’s by card, unfortunately, I can’t do it as easily because our card terminals have cords and won’t reach that far.”

Customer: *finally stops fumbling in her purse as she pulls out her credit card and glares at me* “Then I don’t want this! I like to be waited on and greeted with a smile! You tell your boss that you just lost a customer!”

Me: *stunned* “I’m sorry. What can I do to fix this?”

(The customer turned around and drove away, mumbling incoherently. I remained stunned, and still wonder why she couldn’t just drive over to my register. It’s not like I could disconnect the card terminal and bring it to her.)