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Driving The Sale

| Working | September 7, 2013

(I work for an email and software company. My two bosses, a pair of stereotypical cowboys from Texas, ask me to go with them to the Ferrari dealership to help select new cars. They are sitting on the steps of the lot’s main building looking at the cars.)

Boss #1: “Hey, [me], did you want a beer?”

(They have brought a six-pack with them.)

Me: “No, I am good, but that sales guy there is eyeing us.”

Boss #2: “Bet he is going to steal a beer. So, which one of these is most expensive?”

(I point out two Ferrari, one black and one red. At this point the sales rep comes up to them.)

Sales Rep: “Gentlemen, may I ask you move on? You’re scaring the other customers!”

Boss #2: *ignoring him* “[Boss #1], you want the red or black?”

Boss #1: “You know what? I’ll get both. We can sort it out later.”

(Boss #1 then hands a Platinum Amex card to the rep. He stands there, mouth agape for a few seconds.)

Sales Rep: “Uh… right away, sir!”

(A few minutes later they are both driving off in new Ferraris, and possibly still a tad tipsy!)