Driving Home The Kindness, Part 6

, , , , | Hopeless | June 8, 2016

(It’s evening at a point when the bus frequency drops quite a bit. We’re on a bus when a couple who are looking a bit lost get on.)

Man: *to the driver* “Does this bus go to [Destination]?”

Driver: “No, it doesn’t.”

(The couple looks disheartened and goes to get off.)

Driver: “Hang on a second. You can’t get to [Destination] from this stop. Hop on; I’ll drive you to the bottom of the road and you can get another bus from there.”

(They smile and thank him and sit down. We get to the bottom of the road and they go to leave the bus.)

Driver: “That’s the bus you need that’s just pulled away.”

Man: “Never mind, we’ll get the next one.”

Driver: “The next one isn’t for at least 30 minutes. It could be more like an hour. Hang on, stay on the bus, we’ll chase it and see if we can catch it. Stay at the front so you can jump off quickly if you need to.”

(The couple try to protest but the driver pulls away. He chats to the couple all the way up but we can’t catch up to the bus in front.)

Driver: “The next stop is the last one we both stop at. Either way, I’ll have to let you off here but at least you’re a bit closer to home.”

(The bus in front indicates to pull over; our bus driver gets past him and goes to pull over in front.)

Driver: “I’m going to block him in so he can’t pull out. The second I stop, run back to that bus, wave and jump up and down so they see you. I’ll wait until you’re on to pull away.”

(The couple thanks him profusely. The driver opens the doors while he’s still stopping, the couple run out waving at the bus behind. The driver watched until they were safely on before indicating to pull away. Thank you, Mr. Bus Driver, for caring about people getting home and restoring my faith in humanity.)


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