Driving Home The Kindness, Part 2

, , , , | Hopeless | April 12, 2016

(I am taken to the hospital by the police because they insist I need a mental health check. The hospital refuses to send anyone to see me, so I need to get back home again. I am broke and it is around one am, so the only way home is going to be walking. I’ve been walking about ten minutes when a taxi pulls up beside me.)

Driver: “Hey, kid, where’re you heading?”

Me: “Uh, home?”

Driver: “Right. But where’s home?”

Me: “It’s in [Area]. Why?”

Driver: “You can’t walk that. Get in.”

Me: “Mate, I can’t. I’ve no cash or nothing on me.”

Driver: “Seriously, it’s okay. Get in.”

Me: “Mate, I’m really not kidding. I’ve no money, can’t get any when I get home either. I can’t pay you for a taxi ride home.”

(At this stage I start walking again, because it’s a cold night and I’m a genius who went with the police with no coat on me. But I’ve not got more than two steps or so when the driver stops me again.)

Driver: “Look, I get it. You’ve no money. Take down my taxi reg number, my license plate number, whatever you need, but I am taking you home, because you’re not walking halfway across the city at this time of the night.”

(At this point, I’m torn, but decide I’ll take a chance staying warm. And he does, indeed, take me straight home, for free. I explain the situation to him on the way, and as I am getting out, he hands me the card for the firm he works for.)

Driver: “If you ever get stuck like that again, give that number a call. Nobody should be left walking around at that time of the night.”

(I didn’t even know how to say thank you at that point. I was that gobsmacked that he’d do something so nice at all. I never did see that guy again, but thank you, Mr Random Taxi Driver in Belfast, for helping a kid out, way back when. I still owe you one.)


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