Driving Home The Age Gap

| Related | February 23, 2016

(I’m 15 and I’m talking to my mom about my friend getting her driver’s license. My friend has been dating her boyfriend for a year now and everyone knows about it. My mom also has this weird belief that the girl should never be older than the guy in a relationship.)

Me: “[Friend] is really excited because she and [Friend’s Boyfriend] can finally go out without having their parents drive them.”

Mom: “Well, he has license doesn’t he? Why are they just now going out without their parents driving?”

Me: “He doesn’t get his license until next month.”

Mom: “Did he wait too long to get his temps?”

Me: “Mom, she’s a month older than him.”

Mom: “Is it ever weird for [Friend’s Boyfriend] since he’s a month younger than [Friend]?”

Me: “Mom, you’re four years younger than Dad!”

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