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Driving A Wedge Between Them

| Related | January 28, 2014

(My mom is not the kindest driver in the world. I have been witness to quite a few terrifying and ‘WTF’ moments in her car. We are driving through downtown Birmingham and traffic is terrible. A car tries to squeeze into the space in front of us, and my mom reluctantly lets him in, but not without her say.)

Mom: “My god. What is with these f****** people not knowing how to drive! Use your turn signal, a**hole! That’s what it’s there for!”

Me: *groan* “Mom…”

(Fifteen minutes later we are trying to merge into the next lane over and not having any luck, no one will let us in.)

Mom: “What a bunch of rude a**holes! Let me in, godd*** it!”

Me: “Try turning on your blinker.”

Mom: “That’s not how I merge! I find a spot and then signal over.”

Me: “That’s not the purpose of a turn signal, Mom. How do they know you want over if you don’t signal?”

Mom: “Don’t get smart with me!”

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