Driving A Ku Klux Van

| Friendly | December 21, 2015

(My father usually rides a bike everywhere. On this particular day, a car is tailing him. My dad doesn’t think much of it until the driver pulls down his window and starts shouting racial slurs. My dad, who sometimes still can act like a teenager, rolls his eyes and flips the driver off. The driver gets out of his car.)

Dad: “Is there a problem?”

Driver: “Yeah, there’s a problem. You’re a f*****g n****r, that’s what the problem is!”

Dad: “It seems to me as the problem is that you’re a racist.”

Driver: “H*** yeah, I am! White power!”

(Dad looks at the driver, then at the car, then back to the driver, and chuckles.)

Dad: “Well, it’s a shame that all your white power couldn’t get you a nicer car. Have a lovely weekend.”

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