Driven By ‘Quiet’ Words

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(My boyfriend asks me to play golf with him and his friend. The friend is driving us and seeing as I live in the suburb between them the logical thing is for the friend to pick me up on the way to my boyfriend’s house. I am almost ready as he arrives so invite him into the house and quickly introduce him to my dad who tells me he needs to have a quiet word to me in the kitchen.)

Dad: “So why are you going out with him? What about [Boyfriend]?”

Me: “We aren’t going out. He’s picking me up on his way to [Boyfriend]’s place.”

Dad: “It’s not right. He should have picked [Boyfriend] up first and come back to get you. You should tell him to do that.”

Me: “He’s doing us a favour. I am not going to tell him to drive 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back and then drive back past [Boyfriend]’s place to get to [Golf Club].”

Dad: “It’s still not right. You need to think about [Boyfriend] before you get in the car with this guy.”

Me: “Well, I’m going.”


Friend: *to Boyfriend* “I have to say that [My Name]’s father must like you; you should have heard him having a ‘quiet’ word to her in the kitchen.”

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