Driven Insane

| Working | September 2, 2014

(It’s about 2 am and a friend and I are driving on the interstate. It’s about a 16-hour drive to New York and we couldn’t leave until after 5 pm so we just planned to drive through the night. We stop at a generic convenience store. The clerk inside is a very peculiar looking individual: greasy hair plastered to his head, a tight shiny company shirt that has seen better days, dirty black jeans, and a pair of army boots. He appears to have bad vision and a tic. We load our purchases on the counter and he starts to make conversation.)

Clerk: “So yas aren’t from around here, are yas?”

Us: “No, we’re from Canada.”

Clerk: “So you’re driving this late at night, all ALONE?”

Us: “Um, yes. There are two of us.”

Clerk: “Anything could happen to yas out there, these roads… Could be just anybody waiting to run you off the road and take yas…” *laughs strangely*

Us: *nervously* Yeah, well, we have cell phones… and we’re good drivers.”

Clerk: “Ain’t got no reception out here usually… Little car like that…” *indicates my compact hatchback* “… Why, that would fit just about anywhere to hide it. S’black, too. Nobody’d see it.”

Us: “Well, thanks for the tip…”

Clerk: “Nice to have met yas. You wouldn’t believe the weirdos that I usually see in here this time of night.”

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