Drive You Crazy

| UK | Friendly | September 13, 2015

(I passed my driving test recently, and use my car to drive from home to work through our small town, a drive of only three miles. I and a friend are going on a weekend trip.)

Me: “[Name] is letting me borrow his sat-nav, so I’m willing to try and drive us there.”

Friend #1: “Oh, excellent! I’ve asked [Friend #2] if she wants to go, too…”

Me: “Uh… okay…”

Friend #1: “But she wants to have a day out with her mum. So I said she could come with us, too! You’re fine driving her mum too, right? It’s ok if not.” *none of them can drive*

Me: “Uh, no. I was already pretty nervous about just driving us two, but a car full of people? Someone’s mother? Who I barely know and doesn’t seem to like me much? I’m sorry, but no.”

Friend #1: “Oh. I kind of already offered. So you can do it, right?”

(Yeah, we didn’t end up going on that trip.)

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