Drink Is Not The Problem Here

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(This takes place on my cousin’s wedding day. She is marrying a very nice man whose family is strictly religious; as such, they are very against alcohol consumption. During the reception, my cousin is speaking to her new sister-in-law, drink in hand. She is pouring her heart out about her father’s suicide earlier in the year and how devastated she is that he couldn’t walk her down the aisle.)

Sister-In-Law: *reaching out and wrenching the glass of champagne from my cousin’s hand* “Well, sweetie, maybe if you didn’t drink so much, these things wouldn’t happen to you. Did you ever think that this is God’s way of punishing you for your sins?”

(We quickly separated the two, got my cousin a new drink, and fawned over her until she could enjoy her wedding day again. It’s now years later and it still boils my blood.)

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