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Drilling That Fact Into Them

, , , , | Working | March 21, 2018

(I go to a major hardware store chain to buy a mechanism to lock my window in place when it’s open. While wandering the aisles, I’m approached by a male employee. I’m female.)

Employee: “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?”

Me: “Yeah, I need to buy the mechanism that will lock my window in place when it’s open. My window is on the fire escape and I heard those mechanisms are good for safety.”

Employee: “I know what you’re talking about. Here. I’ll show you where to find it.”

(He takes me to the aisle where they are sold and helps me select the right one.)

Employee: “You will need a drill to install this. Do you know someone who owns a drill?”

Me: “I own a drill.”

(Awkward silence from the employee.)

Employee: “Sorry about that.”

Me: “Nope, no problem. Thanks for helping me find this!”

(Not only do I own a drill set, but I happen to love installing things around my apartment!)

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