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Dressing Down The Price

, , , , | Right | April 25, 2018

(I’m helping a woman who is trying to haggle a lower price on a dress. The dress has a tiny thread hanging out of it. I try to explain that the prices are set, but she doesn’t care about the rules.)

Woman: “Every single store that I’ve been to has given me a lower price! Every single one!”

Me: “Ma’am, let me find you a manager. He’ll explain it to you, since you don’t believe me.”

Woman: “I believe you. I don’t need a manager, but why can’t you just do it?!”

(I try to find a manager, but he’s nowhere. Meanwhile, the woman is still hissing and snarling about her dress. After ten minutes of this, I get fed up and turn to her.)

Me: “Fine, ma’am. You win. Let’s go to the register, and you can have it any price you want if you leave right after.”

(I want to say, “…and don’t come back, ever,” but I think it’d be too rude.)

Woman: *pauses* “What’s the catch?”

Me: “No catch. Just you have to leave right after.”

(We went, and she paid for the dress with a smirk. Later, she wrote to corporate, complaining that I had a nasty tone!)

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