Dressed For The Occasion

, , , , | Hopeless | October 7, 2016

I’m working at a women’s clothing store. We have a male cross-dresser who comes in once in a while. Some of my coworkers find it weird, but he’s always polite and sweet to us, so I will volunteer to help him, as our store’s goal is to make everyone look and feel beautiful.

One day he comes in looking for a new dress, as we’re having a big sale. I bring him some and offer my candid opinion on each of them, telling him what looks good or bad on his figure, which he seems extremely grateful for. The whole time he’s just so nice that I can’t help but smile.

Eventually I find him a discounted designer dress that fits perfectly and looks amazing. He buys it, gushing about how happy he is with my pick.

A month later he comes back to the store and specifically asks for me. He tells me how he wore it while in NYC and got so many compliments and how he thought of me the whole time. He asks if there’s a number he can call to give me a review. I direct him to the online survey, and he gives me a great big hug, thanking me again.

A few days later my boss shows me the great review he’d sent corporate, which went towards getting me a raise. It may not have been much, and I’ve moved on to a new job since, but I still think fondly of that customer and how much it must have meant to him to have someone willing to help him without being patronizing or rude.

It just shows that no matter a person’s gender, style, or body type, you should always do your best to help a person look and feel beautiful.

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