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Dress In Your Sunday Best, You Will

| Friendly | August 10, 2014

(I have just moved to a new apartment within walking distance of the salon where my friend from church works. She volunteers to come over for an hour and help me unpack. I’m very grateful and after some deliberation, we decide to tackle my clothes boxes. She is an extremely stylish person who has given me courage to do things like get a pixie cut and color my hair darker and always makes me look amazing. We’ve gotten through my Sunday dresses and skirts while she pointed out ones that made me look skinnier or ones that I should wear more often. Then we get to my geeky t-shirts…)

Friend: “I had no idea your wardrobe was so cool!”

Me: “Thanks!”

Friend: “Why don’t I see you wear this stuff?”

Me: “Because we mostly see each other on Sunday and I wouldn’t wear a Yoda shirt to sacrament meeting?”

Friend: “That makes perfect sense in hindsight.”

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