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Dread Every Period With This Teacher

| Learning | February 7, 2014

(I have a math teacher who is also a Sunday school teacher at my family’s church. She is that sort who is prim and always makes us speak to her before being allowed to the restroom. This happens as I was on my monthly.)

Me: “I’d like the pass to use the ladies’ room, please.”

Teacher: “You need to finish your work. Sit down and you can go when the bell rings.”

Me: “No, I really need to go now. I can’t wait.”

Teacher: “Fine!” *hands me the pass* “But be quick.”

(I pick up my purse, but she stops me and says very loud:)

Teacher: “You don’t need your purse to head to the bathroom! Sit down and stop trying to get out of class early.”

Me: “I didn’t mean to make you think I was getting out of class early.” *embarrassed now, I pull the necessary items out of my purse* “May I go now?”

Teacher: *giving me a disgusted look and still being loud* “You should have told me you were on your period. Go and hurry up!”

(That weekend, she talks to my class about the sins of Eve and keeps giving me nasty looks as she talks about how Eve is forced to bleed and deal with childbirth. I’m furious about it, so when Monday rolls around, I approach her desk.)

Me: *being loud* “I need to go to the restroom to deal with Eve’s horrific sin. God have mercy on my soul for suffering through her misgivings as a woman!”

Teacher: *turns red and hands me the pass* “You don’t have to tell me all of that! Just to go to the restroom!”

(She didn’t bother me about the pass anymore after that, but my family soon stopped going to that church and eventually moved me to another school.)

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