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Drawn To Your Paper

| Learning | April 16, 2017

(I am a creatively-oriented thinker and enjoy art; thus, I have a tendency to absentmindedly doodle on my papers. In math class, we have unit packets for notes, which are turned in at the end of each unit. The first packet I did had a “what is this” comment on one doodle, which I felt was a warning against drawing on my work. I go in for a conference with my teacher later on.)

Teacher: “So, I was looking at your most recent unit packet, and I saw that you scratched out a lot of drawings.”

Me: “…yeah?”

Teacher: “Don’t do that! After grading packet after identical packet, I love to look at them, and they’re a lot of fun.”

(We continue to talk about my grade, and the conference ends.)

Teacher: *calling to me as I leave* “Don’t erase any more drawings! Leave them on there!”

Me: “Okay, I will!”

(My day was made, especially as I thought the drawing was a problem!)

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