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Drawling To Conclusions

, , , , | Right | July 22, 2020

To preface this, I have worked for several years at resorts in Central Florida. I was born overseas but came over to the US when I was four and was raised as an American. I have gotten a knack for imitating regional accents; most people don’t have any idea I was born anywhere else unless I tell them so.

This guy is not most people.

I have been assisting a family from the Midwest with some luggage issues over the course of their vacation, and on the last day of their visit, they come up to thank us. The father of the family walks up and addresses me in particular.

Me: “Is there anything else we can do to assist you?”

Guest: “Well, ya know what, son? I’ve been meanin’ to tell you something.”

Me: “Yes, sir?”

Guest: “You speak real good American.”

Everyone around me, including his own family, looks utterly flabbergasted and nervous that I will get offended.

I just put on my best smile and don’t skip a beat before replying in my best Old Florida drawl.

Me: “Well, after twenty-eight years here in the States, you just pick it right on up!”

You really do catch more flies — and tips — with honey than vinegar.