Drawing Comparisons

| OK, USA | Learning | July 31, 2014

(Science has always been one of my best subjects and I usually receive high marks. One day in biology, I am very bored and begin to draw during class. The teacher is walking up and down the rows of desks while he talks, when he suddenly SLAMS a yard stick on the desk behind a boy, startling him.)

Teacher: “What are you doing, [Student]?”

Student: “Uh, I was drawing?”

Teacher: “Not in my class. Put it up.”

(I begin to panic and go to put my drawing away before I get in trouble, too.)

Student: “[My Name] is drawing, too! Why didn’t you yell at her?”

Teacher: “[My Name] has a 93 in my class. The next highest score is [Student #2] with a 70. [My Name] can do anything she wants.”

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