Drastic About Plastic

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(I work at a women’s clothing store. Like all other clothing stores, we have mannequins with some outfits displayed. We often have to take a piece of clothing off of a mannequin if that happens to be the last one of that size and a customer needs it. I am straightening things up on one of our display tables when I am approached by who I think is a customer. She is clearly angry and offended.)

Woman: “Excuse me, but there is a mannequin without a shirt. You need to fix that right now because it is inappropriate to be looking at!”

Me: *kind of scared because of the random outburst* “Uh, okay. I’ll check with a manager and figure out what top is supposed to be on it, then.”

(The woman storms off, muttering something about “pornography.” Then, she sits right on the bench outside of our store and stares in, clearly waiting for something to be done about this horrible thing. I go to check the planning binder and then pull the shirt from the rack. As I am getting ready to take the sensor off of the shirt, my manager, who is on the phone, looks at me.)

Manager: “You’re good to clock out. [Other Worker] is here now.”

Me: “All right. I’ll put this shirt on the mannequin on my way up. Some woman was offended by it.”

Manager: *into phone* “Hold on, [Other Manager].” *to me* “What?”

Me: “Some lady came in and told me that one of our mannequins doesn’t have a shirt and it’s highly inappropriate and we need to fix it now!

Manager: “Is she still here?”

Me: “Well, she’s sitting on the bench right outside of the store and staring in.”

Manager: *repeats it to the other manager on the phone and laughs* “No, let it sit there. I’ll get to it when I get to it. She can deal with it. If she complains again, I’ll put our most see-through bra on it.”

(I clocked out, did my bag and coat check, and as I walked out of the store the woman was STILL on the bench glaring at me.)

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