Drank Too Much (Re)Port

| USA | Working | July 17, 2017

(I work as a night auditor at a hotel. In my position, I work overnight, and am *technically* the manager on duty since I’m usually the only hotel employee present. My only coworkers are a security guard that doesn’t work directly for the hotel, occasionally a second auditor, and a housekeeper on the weekends. I have very little actual authority, but sometimes people will still leave things for me to deal with when they don’t really want to. This has to be the worst example of that behavior.)

Manager On Duty: “Oh, [My Name] can you do me a favor?”

Me: “Sure, what’s up?”

Manager On Duty: “Well, this woman fell outside a little while ago, and she seemed to hit her head pretty hard; she had a cut on her forehead. I helped her up to her room, but she was really drunk and out of it and couldn’t answer my questions very well, and I didn’t have my phone on me to take pictures, so I didn’t write up an incident report. Can you put a note on her reservation and let the morning MOD know to make one?”

Me: *too stunned and busy attempting to process what I was just told to get properly angry* “Uh… was there anyone in her room with her? Is she going to be okay for the night?”

Manager On Duty: “No, she was alone. And the bartender said she only had a few glasses of wine, so she can’t be too bad off.”

Me: “But you just said she couldn’t even answer questions properly.”

Manager On Duty: “She’ll be fine. Just tell the morning MOD to write the report.”

(First of all, the morning MOD can’t write a report on something they didn’t witness. Second, I spent all night anxious over this woman, worrying that someone had slipped something in her drink or that she might be concussed and not wake up. I even tried calling her room and sent the security guard up to knock, both without a response, and I’m not allowed to go into a room I know is occupied without permission. Thankfully the woman was just fine the next morning — but I just couldn’t believe the amount of negligence it took to just leave a bleeding, incoherent woman in her room ALONE for an entire night!)

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  • Mouser

    I’d write up THAT and give it to the GM along with the question of “How liable are we if we actually LET a guest die?”

    • AKchic

      YES. This 1000 times yes.

    • That’s what I was thinking as well. BAD manager…

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    According to my mom. If a guest has blood on them or coming out of them police must be called. No matter if the guest refuses police must come out to investigate. at least an ambulance

    This MoD is not only an incompetent employee but also an incompetent human being

    • Janet Miles

      That may be a matter of hotel policy, rather than law, although I could be wrong. (Now I’m imagining an incident where a guest asks for a Band-Aid for a paper cut and the police are called to investigate. Not saying it’s likely; just that that’s the way my mind works.)
      I agree that the MoD is a poor excuse for a human being.

      • Adrian Mckeehan

        I never said it was law and yes minor cut would be inconsequential. You seem to be taking it a little too seriously.

        Didn’t think I had to explain this. If a guest walks into the front office covered in what looks like a crime scene the police are called.

        If a guest walks into the front office and are injured and blood is coming out of their wounds, which is what happened in this story, the police are called as well as an ambulance.

      • Adrian Mckeehan

        Incidentally whenever my mom needed to call the police it was usually because someone was dead or dying. She has so many horror stories

        • Raltizal

          Hotels are usually a popular spot for druggies to get high, and suicidal people to spend their final moments, so I’m not surprised.

      • Mouser

        I once had to explain to a manager that corporate policy (which was really only in his head) does not override actual law. He then tried to get me fired, of course.

  • I am Jenn

    I’ve had no less than a dozen concussions in my life. I’ve had friends and family sit up with me all night, and I’ve had to set alarms to wake myself up and read a list of questions (what’s my name, what year is it, etc) when no one was around.

    This guest needed medical attention. I hope she sued the hotel.

    • Rob Tonka

      Unlikely. Even though the hotel was negligent, I’d bet money that she handled it thw way most people who had too much to drink would, and put the blame on how she felt in the morning where it belongs. On herself.

      • nope

        Her fault for tripping and possibly concussing herself. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

        • Rob Tonka

          Her fault for drinkng too much

          • robindaybird

            if it’s drink, as OP stated her lack of coherency can also be due to someone slipping roofies into her drinks and she was fortunate to end up leaving the premises of whoever drugged her. You can’t just assume.

        • Rob Tonka

          I’m just saying, if I drank too much and fell and hit my head, when I wake up in the morning, my first inclination would be to re-assess how much I should drink, not thinking about the lack of care I was given. That’s assuming I woke up in the morning just fine, which is the the scenario I was responding to.

          • Vulpis

            *If* she woke up in the morning you mean. The problem with this scenario is that you’re mistaking the symptoms of a head injury with those of being drunk…

          • Rob Tonka

            I’m not mistaking anything.

            To recap:

            Manager said “she was really drunk and out of it”
            I presume that played a role in her falling down an hitting her head.

            I Am Jenn said “This guest needed medical attention. I hope she sued the hotel”

            This is what I was responding to and I stand by it. While I conceded that the manager should have done more to make sure she was ok, I think most people who wake up feeling crap the morning after a night like that are going to blame themselves. They are not going to say, “Well, while I was drunk, I fell down and although someone got me to my room, they did not take care of me properly!” They are going to take some aspirin and sleep it off and promise God they’ll never drink like that again if He makes the pain go away.

            I also said “That’s assuming I woke up in the morning just fine”, but really, that disclaimer was not even necessary since the OP already confirmed that she was by saying “Thankfully the woman was just fine the next morning”. I don’t see the likelihood of her waking up just fine, looking back on the events of the previous evening, ignoring her role in the course of event, but deciding that someone needs to be sued.

    • Novelista

      Turns out the “no sleep while concussed” thing is an urban legend, but there’s always the concern for a subdural hematoma, and that’s bad enough.

      • Goldstart

        Do you have a source for that? Because as a paramedic and first aid trainer I beg to differ: If you are psychic and know for sure that it is only a concussion, then you can sleep, of course. The nasty thing about head injuries, however, is the fact that trauma can show itself up to 48 hours after the accident. So one can only be sure that it is just a concussion, when this time passes and the brain is still not bleeding. The no sleep thing is actually for people to notice the symptoms of trauma in case it shows itself late: if someone becomes unconcious in their sleep one might not see the difference, but if someone falls unconcious while awake you see it.

        • Novelista

          Actually, it’s really bleeping obvious when you have a concussion. Have you never had one?

          Marshfield Clinic (Wisconsin): https://www.marshfieldclinic[dot]org/news/cattails/2014-winter-cattails/medical-myth-busters-concussions

          University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences: https://uamshealth[dot]com/healthlibrary2/medicalmyths/sleepingwithaconcussion/ (regionally accredited–see http://bit[dot]ly/2u3Ql08 for further details)

          Brain injury support of New Zealand: https://www.brain-injury[dot]org[dot]nz/html/concussion.html

          Plus personally surviving a concussion because of some [email protected]$$ ER doctor who thought she could cure everything with suppositories. (Only after I got older and learned the symptoms did I realize I had one back then.)

          • PimpKat

            … eh no not all concussions are “bleeping obvious”, and the reason you’re supposed to go to the hospital is because of the not “bleeping obvious” complications that can arise.

            Also from your own links:
            “*It is important not to go to sleep in the first 4 hours.*” And then continues on that even after those 4 hours, you can sleep with someone keeping watch on you.

            Listen to the medical folks will you?

          • Novelista

            I sure will, Mr. Pimp Kat M.D.! Thanks for telling me!

            (P.S.: The “four hours” thing was from a brain injury organization, but there was no “says Dr. So and So of Such and Such Hospital” or any other citation with it.)

          • PimpKat

            Hey it was *your* link and as such you implied it was good enough for you.
            As the one of the other links, with the named doctors, also points out. It’s only in cases where absolutely no signs of possible major trauma is there – no dilated pupils, no confusion, no problems with speech – then yes, go and be merry. You still run the risk of problems down the road though.
            But in cases where people show any of those signs they have to be monitored, which include waking people through the night.
            There’s a reason doctors also want to change the general term from “concussion” to the medically correct term “traumatic brain injury” since that what it is, even if it’s a mild one.
            – “Most concussed people recover quickly and can be treated at home, while others have symptoms that last for days or weeks and need medical attention.” aka. concussions comes in varying degrees.

            And in the woman’s case where she was acting confused and drunk she should have been taken to a hospital.

            And no, I might not have a degree, but I have had a concussion too and been observed properly for it. Have doctors for neighbours, and a parent working as medical staff on a hospital – so basically have had to listen to all about stuff like that since I was born 😛
            And as Goldstar comment too he’s a paramedic, an actual degree ;O , and knows about it too.

          • AsaeAmpan

            I get that you’re mentally damaged from your prior concussion but if you’re going to cherry pick YOUR OWN SOURCES, that nullifies your very argument and makes you worth less than the dirt your house was built on.

            Seriously, you’re not a doctor either therefore, by your own inbred logic, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK YOU PATHETIC LITTLE FAILURE.

          • Denton Young

            I have had more than one, and no, it wasn’t obvious at the time, because my brain was bruised so it wasn’t working at peak capacity! It may have been obvious to OTHER people who saw me, but…

          • Novelista

            Yeah, but you felt weird, right? Or no?

            (Mine have come with nausea, so that was my clue. That’s probably why that bleeping doctor thought she could fix me with a suppository. >.<)

          • Denton Young

            Mine didn’t come with nausea, and while I was acting like a space cadet, I didn’t notice that I was.

          • Raltizal

            Happens to me after a bowl sometimes so I can imagine that’s what being concussed is like. While I don’t notice I’m all that high, the people around me have to repeat themselves multiple times and it takes me forever to say a simple sentence.

  • Bonnie L

    How timely! I just attended a lecture today by our county coroner. This was one of the things she talked about – the guest could have died. Because the manager didn’t do anything about it, the OP should have called 911 & written a report for higher ups.

    • Nightshade1972

      MTE. OP should’ve called 911. If the MOD balks, you explain that it’s a liability issue. Better to let the trained paramedics tell you she’ll be fine, than to simply assume so and get sued by her relatives when she dies in the hotel.

      • denim

        How do you let the paramedics in to the room?

        • KashyaCharsi

          Worst case, they break the door in.

  • Jado


    In the MODs defense, writing up those reports takes soooo much time. He has a TV show on his DVR just waiting for him at home.


  • divgradcurl

    What the ever-living f**k do you mean, you’re “not allowed to go in”?

    You knew the guest might be bleeding into her skull, and you didn’t call 911 or check on her in any way? If she really had ended up dead or brain-damaged, you would deserve to end up in prison along with every other idiot in this story.

    If you can’t handle that because you were “only following hotel policy”, then please do yourself and everyone else a favor, and find a line of work where you never have to make another important decision again.

    • Goldstart

      I agree with you: while hotel employees shouldn’t be allowed to just waltz into the room, in this case the police should have been called who probably would have taken the responsibility for going in. When I worked as a paramedic the police was really handy for that kind of stuff, because where I come from, paramedics on duty are not allowed to do anything that normal citizens aren’t allowed to do.

  • Chess Red Eagle

    Okay, I’m fully on board that the manager on duty was a certifiable douchebag but why didn’t you call the police? That would have been the FIRST I did. If she HAD been seriously injured or worse, YOU’D be just as responsible for letting the negligence continue. You got SUPER lucky OP.

  • KashyaCharsi

    I was thinking about whether you should have called ambulance.

  • Matt Westwood

    Oh okay, so hotel staff are now nursemaids and medical professionals now.

    • Zetal47

      …Yes. Yes, hospital staff are medical professionals.

      Hotel staff, not so much. Which is why when you’ve got someone bleeding from a head wound, you CALL the medical professionals. ESPECIALLY with a drunk person’s head wound, where the drinking and the head wound could lead to someone pulling a Black Knight and saying they’re okay even though their bloody arm is off!

      • Matt Westwood

        I meant hotel staff. Sorry, I’ll correct it.

    • KashyaCharsi

      If you are the only one to witness someone get seriously injured, you don’t shrug it off saying you are not a doctor but call ambulance.

      • Matt Westwood

        Oh yes of course, this is America, where chipping your nail-varnish classifies as “seriously injured”.

        • KashyaCharsi

          I am pretty sure bleeding from the head and incoherent does count as serious injury everywhere.

          • Matt Westwood

            God you’re wet.

        • therapod

          You didn’t actually read the whole thing, did you?

  • Denton Young

    I’d have called the owner. I don’t care if it would have woken them up. They need to know which MOD to fire on the spot.

  • Christine

    That would be a 911 call because emergency personnel CAN go into the room if there is no response.

  • Federico Molinari

    What a terrible manager. A manager that also stopped the op from calling the hospital and/or the police!. It’s clearly all the manager fault

  • Caroline Levén

    I would have called an ambulance.

  • Kitty

    Just to calm you down, OP, if someone had slipped something into her drink that made her loopy, her being alone in a room that is pretty secure is the best thing to happen to her. No-one will be able to come in and rape her in her state.

    • ahnation

      Unless some hotel bar creep managed to get her room key from her.

    • Kirishima Touka

      But if she hit her head and got a brain bleed, she would have died after being left alone all night. Fortunately it wasn’t the case THIS time.

    • Lil Tiger

      Those drugs also exacerbate the effects of alcohol, which means she would be much more prone to getting alcohol poisoning and drowning in her own vomit as she sleeps. Also, overdoses can happen and can kill. So, no, a person who is extremely inebriated, has a head injury, and is possibly drugged can very much so be at risk when left alone.

  • James Samuelson

    Call 911, then report MOD to GM.

  • Natasha

    Shouldn’t it be SOP for the MOD to call an ambulance for the woman? Especially if she is incoherent after hitting her head? Like, I don’t even know what to say about this manager, at all. I just… WOW.

    • Kirishima Touka

      Even if she’s been drinking, he still should have in case she was bleeding internally or something. Worst case, she could have easily died due to his negligence.

  • Observe

    That manager needs to be fired and charged with negligence.

  • Pickwick2

    I’d write a report on the negligent manager who abandoned an injured guest alone in their room. And, in the meantime, fer heaven’s sake call 911!

  • Ainoko_Ironrose

    OP, what I would have done in this case was 1. call the EMTs immediately, 2. report the MoD to upper management ASAP and 3. Start looking for another job or try getting a position where you don’t have to work with that [email protected] Mod.

  • heatherjasper

    If the woman had gotten worse, or maybe even died, how strong will “I tried to help out, but I couldn’t enter the room” or “My manager was the bad guy here” be?

  • Kali Ravel

    “I just couldn’t believe the amount of negligence it took to just leave a bleeding, incoherent woman in her room ALONE for an entire night!”

    You must understand a little bit; you also did exactly that. You describe it in the post.