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Drama Before The Drama Movie

| Related | April 20, 2014

(My dad, my brother, my nephew, and I are going to the movies. My brother and my nephew arrive before my dad and me and get in line. When my dad and I arrive, my dad gets in line at the end while I go and talk to my brother. When it’s my brother’s turn at the window, I give him cash for my dad’s and my tickets so that it doesn’t take any extra time and so that we are not really ‘cutting’ in line. My brother gestures for my dad to join us but he shakes his head.)

Me: “Dad, there’s no point. I already paid for your ticket!”

Dad: *joking* “But I wanted to go see [Chick Flick] instead!”

(He hangs his head in mock shame as he walks up to the front and the women in line behind him burst out laughing.)