Dragons And Chocolates And Siths, Oh My

| Romantic | November 27, 2013

(I am engaged and very faithful to my fiancé. I used to do online roleplaying a lot, so I have several online friends. One of my friends is a guy in the Navy. He has a girlfriend, who he is also very devoted to. I’m bored at work, so I decide to text my friend. This friend knows me by my roleplaying name, Narcy.)

Me: “Boo!”

Friend: “Boo?”

Me: “It’s Narcy! Sup?”

Friend: “NARC! My loverly! How are you, darling wife of mine?”

Me: “Oh stop silly. I’m engaged. How’s the Navy?”

Friend: “Huh? Cheating on me now, huh? I see.”

Me: “He had chocolate. What can I say?”

Friend: “My homemade brownies meant nothing to you?”

Me: “It was Belgium chocolate!”

Friend: “So were my brownies!”

Me: “He made fondue.”

Friend: “I made French dip.”

Me: “He has a boat.”

Friend: “I have a destroyer.”

Me: “Starship.”

Friend: “I am a dragon.”

Me: “Dark lord. With a light saber. He gave me sith powers.”

Friend: “I pick my teeth with sith. I could have given you love and fire and magic.”

Me: “He gave me love and lightning and snuggles.”

Friend: “Copy cat.”

Me: “Haha. He has cookies, too.”

Friend: “I have pie.”

Me: “Cookies are better. Magic cookies!”

Friend: “Green cookies don’t count.”

Me: “Do too!”

Friend: “Nope.”

Me: “Well, poo-ey.”

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