Drag One’s Name Through The Pizza

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(I’m a cashier at an Italian restaurant and it is close to closing time. We do to-go orders, and we have only three pizzas left to be picked up. A customer walks in.)

Me: “Hello, sir. Are you picking up?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, what’s the name and what’d you have?”

Customer: “[Last Name #1] and I’m not sure. I didn’t order it.”

Me: “Okay…”

(I look at the three pizzas we have and none are under that name, and the guy has no idea what he ordered.)

Me: “Could it be under any other name?”

Customer:No! How hard is it to find my d*** pizza?! It’s under [Last Name #1].”

(I start to become aggravated and my manager gets off the phone to deal with this guy.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir. What did you have?”

Customer: “Pizza! It’s under [Last Name #1]. This is ridiculous. You misplaced my order.”

Manager: “Okay… and there is no other name it could be under?”

Customer:No! It’s under [Last Name #1]!”

Manager: “Could it be under [Last Name #2]?”

Customer: “What?! No! I don’t know any [Last Name #2]! Do I look like a [Last Name #2] to you?”

Manager: “What about [First Name]?”

Customer: “That’s my first name, but it’s under [Last Name #1]!”

Manager: “Well, can you call the person that placed the order to see what they ordered?”

Customer: “Unbelievable!”

(The customer calls his daughter and she put it under [First Name].)

Customer: “It’s under [First Name]… I’m never picking up pizza from here again! This is ridiculous!”

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