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Dough Nut Touch My Doughnuts!

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I live in a shared house. My housemate buys a four-pack of chocolate doughnuts and puts them in the war zone we call a fridge… and just leaves them there indefinitely.

Obviously, the things eventually expire — still in their box, uneaten — but still, they sit there, untouched. A month elapses, and they are still there, and while they look essentially the same, I take it upon myself to throw them away, as I figure they’ll be spoiled for sure, and no one is going to want six-week-old donuts anymore, anyway.

Well, the joke is on me, apparently, as later that night, the housemate who bought them approaches me.

Housemate: “Why did you throw my donuts away?”

Me: “They’ve been in there for over a month. They’ve expired.”

Housemate: “I don’t care. I want you to put them back.”

So I grab them — FROM THE BIN — and do just that. Good thing I hadn’t taken them out of the box, or indeed taken the bin out!

I have no idea whether or not they were ever eaten, as I stopped using the fridge — and the kitchen altogether — shortly thereafter.

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