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Double Whammy

| Working | April 5, 2016

(I have had a minor surgery to extract a cyst on my armpit, which shouldn’t really hold me up for more than three to four hours since according to the nurses, it’s a slow day. My appointment is at 1:30 pm, and they have the prep done (clothes off, vitals taken, IV etc.) by 2:30. The nurse finally comes to get me to the surgery room and this happens:)

Nurse: “Name?”

Me: “[Full Name].”

Nurse: “Uh? Wait you’re not [Other Name]?”

Me: *starting to get a little worried* “…No, it’s [My Name].”

Nurse: “Oh, sorry. We have someone else ahead of you. Sorry.” *as she goes to once again put me on the waiting bed I remember something*

Me: “Wait. There wasn’t anyone before me, except that one man who was already being discharged.” *the previously mentioned name was clearly a women’s name*

Nurse: “Oh, yes. Unfortunately Doctor [Surgeon] scheduled both of you at the same time, so, we’re taking her first.”

Me: “Wait. This girl isn’t even prepped yet and we were double booked by the surgeon, and here I am ready for a minor, short surgery and you’re saying you can’t take me first?

(The nurse ignores my question and still has me waiting another two hours in between the prep of the other patient and her surgery. At the end of my surgery (around 6 pm) they still have me waiting another hour and a half for my discharge papers (even though they told me they would have it in 15 minutes). This exchange happens at the exit.)

Nurse: “There. You behaved very well. Now, take care.”

Me: “…Thanks. I hope no more double-bookings happen after today.”

Nurse: “Oh! That just something that [Surgeon] does all the time. We’re already used to it by now!”

(I left completely speechless. Well, now I know I’m never requesting the same doctor again!)

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