Double The Trouble

, , , | Working | October 4, 2017

(My wife is ordering for our kids.)

Wife: “…and I need a [Older Kids Meal] with a double cheeseburger.”

Cashier: “We don’t have a double cheeseburger.”

Wife: “Excuse me? Yes, you do. It’s listed right up there.” *pointing at the menu*

Cashier: “No, with the [Older Kids Meals], we only have the nuggets or the [Proprietary Name for a double cheeseburger].”

Wife: *momentary pause* “Okay, I guess we’ll have the one with the [Double Cheeseburger].”

(We both figured that was easier than explaining that the double cheeseburger that they gave a fancy name to was, in fact, a double cheeseburger.)

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